Community Guidelines

Clarification of Terms:

To ensure our site is compliant with industry standards, we ask our users to adhere to the following guidelines. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in restrictions or removal of your account. Community guidelines may change according to our community interests and needs and comply with other industry guidelines.

1. Age Requirements

Users must be at least 16 years old to access the site. Community staff will remove a user if the user is discovered or reported to be under the age of 16 from our platforms. False reports are not tolerated.

All characters on the site must be 16+ years old. We will not tolerate characters who appear under 16. Characters with a defined age of 16+ years old but visually appear as children are not allowed.

2. Content and Character Creation

Users must comply with: - All public and mature characters must be the user’s original creation. If users upload characters created by others, the character(s) will be removed from the site. Dispute will be settled with proof of evidence from the original creator. - All public characters must comply with public character content guidelines. - All mature characters must comply with mature character content guidelines. - All characters must comply with prohibited and miscellaneous content guidelines.

3. Public Characters

Public characters are intended to be enjoyed by everyone. To ensure a comfortable experience for all users, these characters are free from sensitive, mature, or adult themes. Users are provided with the option to choose to engage with characters that may involve such themes.

4. Mature Characters

Mature characters, which may explore sensitive, mature, or adult themes, are not accessible by default. Users who wish to engage with content that falls within these themes must explicitly consent to access such characters. By providing this consent, users acknowledge and accept the potential viewing and interaction of aforementioned content in the characters. Our platform does not assume responsibility for the content users choose to engage with after providing their explicit consent.

The content in mature characters may include, but is not limited to, the following topics: - Violence and Gore - Substance abuse - Self-harm and suicide - Explicit language - Real World Politics and Religion This list is subject to change.

5. Private Characters

Users are allowed to create and interact with their private characters as they see fit. Public and mature character guidelines are not applied, however prohibited topic guidelines are enforced. Users who post evidence of engaging with prohibited topics on our community channels, or public spaces will have their account terminated. The community staff will not proactively seek out or monitor channels and will handle community reported violations only. Users can trust that their private creative endeavors will not be interfered with unless there is a valid concern raised within the community or the community staff.

6a. General Prohibited Topics

The following topics are strictly prohibited on the site for any character creation or interactions. Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) in the forms of text or images. Real world hate speech that promotes violence, discrimination, or prejudice based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or other protected characteristics. Bestiality and other real-life animal related abuse

6b. Sexual Themes

This platform does not condone explicit sexual activities that are conducted by the user with a character or does this platform support characters that are designed for the sole purpose of sexual interactions. This includes but is not limited to explicit descriptions or depictions of sexual acts, nudity, or other sexually explicit content. Users may engage in romantic interactions and flirtatious behavior. Characters designed for extreme flirtatious behavior may be scrutinized by community staff to ensure it is meeting the guidelines. Please read this blogpost for justifications:

7. Miscellaneous/Specific Guidelines

Some content are considered edge cases and therefore have some extra clarification on how our site handle these content:

- All animal-like characters must be anthropomorphic and must have the intelligence to engage in scenarios involving consent. - Characters may be aged up from their canonical age if they are explicitly mentioned being above 16 years old and their appearance is consistent with their aged-up version. To avoid confusion, do not use the same canonical source appearance. - No depictions of controversial characters or scenarios based on historical events/real life events/religious icons. - Characters based on other community users, private individuals in the real world, or any living person must be made with their consent. Public figures are excluded from this.

8. Bad Actor Guidelines

Users may be removed from the site for the following reasons:

- Impersonation of community staff or organization members - Inappropriate username and display name - Inappropriate profile picture - Spamming the website with content - Harassment towards other users, staff team or organization members

This Community Guidelines page will be updated according to the community team rulings. Please enjoy our platform. For any enquiries, please email


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